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Established July 1st, 1992, Cargo Carriers began its activity as an international forwarding company thanks to the efforts of the founders. In the early years, Cargo Carriers was mainly involved in the transport of raw materials, then, from the late 90's, it has developed a considerable experience in the transportation and handling of chemicals (including hazardous) in ISO tanks. Cargo Carriers is now one of the main players in the market of forwarding and transportation of chemical products in Italy.


Cargo Carriers has always maintained a slim, flexible and efficient structure. Four departments make up the structure of Cargo Carriers: administration, exports, imports and sales. The staff has long experience and deep knowledge in international forwarding.


Staff at Cargo Carriers keeps itself abreast with training conducted annually.
Whether training for operators of ADR /IMDG goods, or attending internal courses to update the operating transport and administrative management, Cargo Carriers' staff is constantly updated on the latest market news.

WHAT is Cargo Carriers

ISO Tank (primary activity)

Cargo Carriers gained a long experience in the handling and transportation of chemical liquids (hazardous or not) in ISO tanks. Cargo Carriers is an agent of main ISO tank worldwide. Our experience and agents network in the field of chemical liquids transportation allow us to offer a complete service in this special sector of transportation. Cargo Carriers offers also the extra services related to this kind of transportation like heating of cargo, cleaning of tanks, storage in bonded / domestic inland terminal, fleet management, safety stock, equipment and facilities, dedicated and experienced drivers and more.

International Shipping

Cargo Carriers offers his customers a complete service in all the main fields of transportation and warehousing. To move your cargo by air or sea or land, to provide the services of professional agents at destination or departure, to consolidate or co-load with frequent and regular deliveries, to distribute your cargo in Italy, to store, handle and control your cargo in a warehouse, are just some of the many services we can provide to our customers.


Cargo Carriers is able to provide his customers a comprehensive personalized service that is tailored to the customer specific requirements. We offer a complete service from the initial enquiry to ordering, consolidation and transit to final destination of your cargo. The wide range of services that we provide allows us to cover all the aspects of your logistics chain, ensuring our customers an accurate, complete and prompt service.

Administrative Services, Customs Consulting

Being located in a customs area and thanks to the support of several licensed customs agents, Cargo Carriers is able to perform import and export clearance of cargo in all main Italian cities. Additionally we can provide an up-to-date fiscal and administrative consultancy and assistance to facilitate our customers' negotiation. This service includes also cargo insurance consultancy, packing and distribution, Customs consultancy, assistance for all issues related to VAT and Sales Tax, possibility for Cargo Carriers to be a Tax Representative for third parties in Italy and act as stable organization for non-resident foreign companies, managing of all INTRASTAT procedures, assistance in exhibition and trade fairs, consultancy and assistance in turn-key projects.

Extra Cargo Carriers

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Cargo Carriers, to guarantee an high quality services, has obtained following certifications:

Cargo Carriers is an Agent of IATA from 1994.
Cargo Carriers obtained ISO 9001 certification from 2000.
Cargo Carriers obtained AEO certification from 2012.

- AEO 2012
- ISO 9001-2008
- IATA 2015

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