ISO Tanks, your dangerous substances shipped in complete safety.

Liquid chemicals and dangerous chemicals: handling and transporting them in ISO Tanks requires practical and in-depth knowledge. At Cargo Carriers we have significant experience in the chemical sector, especially in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid chemicals, which is our core business.

We are the exclusive agents in Italy of imported Tank Operators, operating all over the world, and we offer a complete door to door or tailor-made service according to the needs of each customer.

Moreover, our complementary services for the transportation of goods in ISO Tanks include:

  • reheating stations,
  • washing stations,
  • tank maintenance and repair,
  • storage in non-port and customs terminals,
  • fleet management,
  • experienced and certified carriers.

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3 times a week you will automatically receive an email with information about your ISO Tank, so you will never lose sight of it.

Entrust your ISO Tank transport to us.

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