Cargo Carriers, international shipping since 1992

Cargo Carriers has known no boundaries since the beginning of its activities on July 1, 1992. Beginning with the transport of raw materials, Cargo Carriers expanded in the late 1990s to the international transportation of chemical liquids in ISO Tanks.

With substantial experience and knowledge about international chemical and hazardous substance shipments, your chemical transportation is in safe hands with the staff at Cargo Carriers.

Meeting customer needs, offering tailored services, and providing ongoing support ensure Cargo Carriers is the ideal partner for your international journey. 

If you are looking for excellence at competitive prices, Cargo Carriers is the company for you.

international cotton shipments managed by Cargo Carriers - 1992

Where we add value: our people

warehouse Cargo Carriers - 1992

From the carriers, to the logistics and the administration, your goods are in good hands. 

Administration, export operations, import operations and commercial operations are the four departments of Cargo Carriers which take care of you from start to finish, without ever losing sight of your goods.

Constant training on safety procedures for operators of ADR/IMDG goods and internal refresher courses on operating procedures ensure our staff are specialized and always ready to meet your needs.

We are the experts in international shipments of liquid chemicals and more.

The advantages of working with us:

  • safety and reliability,
  • traceability of goods,
  • prompt assistance for problem solving,
  • service tailored to your needs.

Our certifications



DE the Cargo Carriers Single Document of Contribution Regularity (DURC)

We are associated with

Aice – Associazione Italiana Commercio Estero